1-2-1 Breathing for Asthma


Breathing for Asthma: Managing Symptoms with the Oxygen Advantage Method

Breathing for asthma is an empowering four-session course centred around the Oxygen Advantage (OA) method, designed to provide asthmatics with effective breathing techniques for symptom management. It elucidates the relationship between asthma and breathing patterns, focusing on how controlled nasal breathing can reduce symptom severity and frequency. Participants will learn the fundamentals of breath control and delve into specialized exercises to encourage nasal breathing, improve lung function, and increase breath-hold times. Through understanding and applying these techniques, participants will gain practical tools to manage their asthma in their daily life. The course provides a comprehensive, breath-led approach to managing asthma symptoms, enabling individuals to lead healthier, more active lives. Remember, these techniques are to complement, not replace, any existing asthma treatment plan. Always consult with a healthcare provider when managing asthma.



  • All Sessions Live 1-2-1 over Zoom with Charlotte
  • Personalised Breath Assessment
  • Session 1: Understanding Asthma and Breathing: We begin by exploring the physiology of asthma and how breathing patterns play a crucial role in managing this condition. You’ll learn how over-breathing can exacerbate symptoms and how to recognize your breathing patterns. By the end of this session, you’ll understand how breath control can impact your asthma symptoms and overall health.
  • Session 2: Mastering the Basics of Controlled Breathing: In this session, we’ll delve deeper into breath control techniques fundamental to the Oxygen Advantage method. By learning and practising exercises to control your breathing rate and volume, you’ll be taking the first practical steps towards managing your asthma symptoms better.
  • Session 3: Nasal Breathing and Asthma Management: Here, we’ll focus on the importance of nasal breathing for asthma management. Nasal breathing improves airway humidity, warms inhaled air and can reduce asthma symptoms. We will cover exercises designed to encourage and maintain nasal breathing during rest and physical activity.
  • Session 4: Breathing Exercises for Long-Term Asthma Management: In our final session, we’ll introduce more advanced OA techniques, focusing on those that improve lung function and increase breath-hold times. You’ll learn how these techniques can help control asthma symptoms in the long term. We’ll also discuss the importance of maintaining these practices in your daily routine.By the end of these sessions, you’ll have a comprehensive understanding of how the OA method can improve asthma control, and you’ll have a set of practical techniques to implement in your daily life. It’s important to remember that these techniques are not a substitute for medical treatment but a complement to it. Always consult with your healthcare provider when managing your asthma.


  • Charlotte in your pocket – You get Charlotte’s Private Whatsapp
  • Accountability
  • Bonus 1: The Busy Life Plan
  • Bonus 2: Tailored Breathing Exercises
  • Bonus 3: 12-Month Check-in


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