1-2-1 Breathing for Energy


Breathing for Improving Energy Levels: The Oxygen Advantage Method

Breathing for improving energy levels is an immersive four-session program designed using the principles of the Oxygen Advantage method, aimed at boosting your vitality and zest for life. The course navigates the interconnection between breath control and energy production, offering participants a unique understanding of how improved oxygen intake can invigorate and energize the body. You’ll learn and master breath control techniques to optimize oxygenation, enhance stamina, and promote energetic resilience. The course blends theory with practical exercises, guiding you to harness the power of your breath, thereby boosting your energy levels. By the end of the course, you’ll have the knowledge and tools to manage and elevate your energy levels, paving the way to a more vibrant and energetic life.



  • All Sessions Live 1-2-1 over Zoom with Charlotte
  • Personalised Breath Assessment
  • Session 1: Mastering the Basics: Breath and Energy In this introductory session, we will introduce the Oxygen Advantage method, outlining its role in energy production. We’ll delve into the science behind how oxygen delivery impacts energy levels, helping you understand the interplay between breath and vitality.
  • Session 2: Controlled Breathing: Unleashing Your Inner Energy In this session, we will delve into specific Oxygen Advantage techniques designed to boost energy. Through a series of exercises, we will explore how varying breath patterns can enhance oxygen intake and, in turn, energize the body.
  • Session 3: Optimizing Oxygen Intake: Enhancing Stamina and Vitality In our third session, we will explore advanced breathing techniques for increasing your body’s stamina. By learning how to utilize these Oxygen Advantage exercises, you’ll discover how to optimize your energy levels, paving the way for a more vibrant and energetic life.
  • Session 4: Breath-Mind Connection: Harnessing Breath for Energy Management Our final session will delve into the mental and emotional aspects of energy management. We will explore the connection between the mind and breath, and how this relationship influences energy levels. Through the mastery of Oxygen Advantage techniques, you will gain tools to elevate your energy levels and enjoy a more lively and productive life.


  • Charlotte in your pocket – You get Charlotte’s Private Whatsapp
  • Accountability
  • Bonus 1: The Busy Life Plan
  • Bonus 2: Tailored Breathing Exercises
  • Bonus 3: 12-Month Check-in


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