1-2-1 Breathwork


Personalised 1-2-1 Breathwork Coaching: Mastering the Oxygen Advantage Method

Unleash the power of your breath with our 1-2-1 Breathwork Coaching using the renowned Oxygen Advantage method. This personalised program provides tailored training sessions designed to help you understand and harness the transformative potential of your breath. Whether you aim to enhance athletic performance, mitigate stress, or improve overall health, my expert coaching will guide you on a unique breathwork journey to reach your goals.

  • All Sessions Live 1-2-1 over Zoom with Charlotte
  • Personalised Breath Assessment
  • Session 1: Mastering the Basics: Understanding Your Breath and Its Impact In this first session, we'll lay the groundwork for your Oxygen Advantage journey. We'll delve into the physiology of breathing and discuss its profound influence on your mental and physical health. You'll begin to understand how breath control can help manage stress and enhance well-being.
  • Session 2: The Power of Controlled Breathing: Boosting Performance and Productivity In this session, we focus on the relationship between breathing and your body's performance. You'll learn how to leverage breath control to increase your physical fitness, mental focus, and overall productivity.
  • Session 3: Unleashing Your Inner Athlete: Breathing Techniques for Enhanced Stamina and Recovery For those keen on fitness and athletic performance, this session will be an eye-opener. We'll explore how Oxygen Advantage techniques can boost your endurance, speed up recovery times, and even improve your lung capacity for peak performance.
  • Session 4: The Breath-Mind Connection: Harnessing Your Breathing to Calm Your Mind Our final session delves into the mental and emotional benefits of proper breathing. We'll explore the connection between the breath and the mind, teaching you how to use Oxygen Advantage techniques to promote mental calmness, improve sleep, and reduce anxiety.Each of these sessions will give you the tools you need to control your breath and, by extension, control your life.
  • Charlotte in your pocket - You get Charlotte's Private Whatsapp
  • AccountabilityBonuses
  • Bonus 1: The Busy Life Plan
  • Bonus 2: Tailored Breathing Exercises
  • Bonus 3: 12-Month Check-in


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